AUG 19 CleviosTM material makes the PCT 55inch touch screen

Column:Industry news Time:2018-01-08
Research and development center Chun-hua Liu
article source: Touch technology network T | T

High conductive CleviosTMPEDOT used as electrodes for the first time applied to large size projected capacitive touch panel (PCT). Heraeus's CleviosTMPEDOT: PSS polymer compounds applied to touch technology providing a good definition, flexible and electrical conductivity for touch devices. Using CleviosTM products, Taiwan Inputek successfully produced the world's first big size PCT touch panel. 

Inputeck specializes in integrated circuit (IC) design and PCT touch solution. The CleviosTM applied to the silk screen printing and etching drawing process equipment products is a success. A display with 10 induction spot, its production process fully proved that the technological progress and price optimization can meet at the same time. At present, the results are in test phase in the interactive display, sales terminals, industry and digital whiteboard.

CleviosTMPEDOT: PSS series products belong to Heraeus's display and semiconductor business unit, covers all sorts of antistatic and high conductive material. Such materials can be modified according to the specific application methods (printing or coating), and the application requirements of end user. Generally, CleviosTM coating surface resistivity can reach 100-250 Ohm/sq, transparency is as high as 90% (excluding substrate film). CleviosTM has been widely used in the touch screen, sensors, OLED, organic solar cells and anti-counterfeiting coating and other products. 55 inch touch screen using CleviosTM material with the surface resistivity of 150 Ohm/Sq.

Senior President of Heraeus's display and semiconductor business group, Dr Stephan Kirchmeyer said: "to establish cooperation with Inputek itself can promote the development of technology, and to create new business opportunities and solutions for the touch display industry. With the help of a conductive polymer coating and mapping solution, the production cost for large touch screen devices effectively reduce, improved optical properties, even for products with radian or folding."

General manager of Inputek, Mr Andrew Chung added: "The graphical conducting polymers used in the production process in the large size of PCT touch screen can be help to reduce cost, so as to create more opportunities in the field of consumer application. In the near future, the restaurant will introduce touch screen table for order, pay, or even for the game operation." 

Heraeus's will display the 55 inches PCT touch screen on 2014 Taiwan touch panel and optical film exhibition held in Taipei August 27 to 29 .(booth no. : i1028)